Monday, April 12, 2010

Unheralded stories..

Jamesnasian: u busy now?
Irene: no wor
Irene: y?
Jamesnasian: im going to tell u a story bout me
Irene: rite here listen
Jamesnasian: maybe it'll explain more about how i behave
Irene: ok..
Jamesnasian: this story starts when i was in form 2
Irene: alrite
Jamesnasian: so after form 1
Jamesnasian: after a year in england where my dad further his studies there
Jamesnasian: i came back
Jamesnasian: so, i did a blood test
Jamesnasian: found out that a few of my enzymes in my blood are abnormally high
Jamesnasian: i was put on some pills
Jamesnasian: to reduce them
Irene: ok..
Irene: then
Jamesnasian: found out that i was having this heredity disease
Jamesnasian: darl, u there?
Jamesnasian: anyway, so i was diagnosed with this disease called
Jamesnasian: Wilson's Disease
Irene: whats dat?
Jamesnasian: it's a condition where your liver cannot excrete copper from food
Jamesnasian: so my liver isn't healthy
Jamesnasian: and the result of the excess copper
Jamesnasian: is like, staining my teeth
Jamesnasian: and worse to come
Jamesnasian: so, i went to UMSC
Jamesnasian: some hospital to get treated
Jamesnasian: i was put on this new drug
Irene: TT
Jamesnasian: that most of the people in the country diagnosed with this disease were on
Irene: den
Jamesnasian: so
Jamesnasian: ok, i took it
Jamesnasian: but i was having immediate reactions
Jamesnasian: allergic reactions
Jamesnasian: high fever
Jamesnasian: that's when my body started to turn yellow
Jamesnasian: i was having jaundice
Jamesnasian: a condition where your liver gets inflammed
Jamesnasian: and my liver was inflammed
Irene: omg!!
Jamesnasian: it grew and expanded to twice the normal size
Jamesnasian: so i was sent to the UMSC immediately
Jamesnasian: and by that time
Jamesnasian: my whole body was yellow
Jamesnasian: i was yellow for 2 weeks
Jamesnasian: apparently
Jamesnasian: i was on too much drugs
Jamesnasian: my liver can't take it
Jamesnasian: and i got 'drug abuse'
Jamesnasian: and that point
Jamesnasian: thru mri scanning
Jamesnasian: that my liver was having cirorhsis
Jamesnasian: liver hardening
Jamesnasian: a condition that
Jamesnasian: equivalent
Jamesnasian: to an acholic for 20 years
Jamesnasian: my liver was almost to the point of failing
Jamesnasian: i was nearly going to die
Irene: TT
Jamesnasian: so we travelled on train to singapore
Jamesnasian: to find a drug
Jamesnasian: But
Jamesnasian: they said that this drug
Jamesnasian: only available if u booked it from america
Jamesnasian: so, we went back to malaysia
Jamesnasian: and found out the selayang hospital provides it for free
Jamesnasian: i have to avoid high copper content food
Jamesnasian: such as
Jamesnasian: chocolate, mushroom, nuts, shellfish
Jamesnasian: like oysters and such
Jamesnasian: it has been so long since i had them in my mouth
Jamesnasian: this story
Jamesnasian: i only tell those who i really care
Jamesnasian: like you
Jamesnasian: this disease is 10 in 3million people
Jamesnasian: malaysia itself only has a handful
Jamesnasian: and i am one of them
Jamesnasian: so u said, i am optimistic/\
Jamesnasian: right, because i, gone thru life-death experience once
Jamesnasian: and i was recently that, my liver could fail any moment
Jamesnasian: something like, i can't see the next day when i wake up the next morning
Jamesnasian: so, how couldn't i not be optimistic
Jamesnasian: im hoping for the best in life
Irene: TT
Irene: this disease can cure or not?
Jamesnasian: it's a life long disease
Jamesnasian: so why u say i like pastel
Jamesnasian: because it seems so perfect
Jamesnasian: and i wanna have something like this
Jamesnasian: a typical boy-girl relationship
Jamesnasian: so darl, if u do find a better guy
Jamesnasian: get him =D
Jamesnasian: i might not last long enough to do so anyway
Irene: dear..
Irene: i love u..
Irene: i reli do..
Irene: but im not the girl that u want..
Irene: dear.. i dun wana b selfish anymore..
Irene: u can go
Irene: i let u go
Irene: find a girl that is better..
Jamesnasian: have u found a better one?
Irene: no..
Irene: u r the best
Jamesnasian: then, don't let go just yet
Irene: dear..
Irene: we will not last long..
Irene: one of us will leave 1 day
Irene: i have my own problem in relationship
Irene: im not hurting u..
Irene: like i say i prioritize studies better than relationship
Irene: if at 1 point, i was in a great pressure..
Irene: i will breakup with u
Jamesnasian: understood
Jamesnasian: silly darl
Jamesnasian: mwarxh~
Irene: i love u dear~~~~
Irene: thanks for telling me..
Irene: u r right to be optimistic..
Jamesnasian: feels so much better after telling u that
Irene: thats y that day u say u dun eat chocolate..
Jamesnasian: en~!
Jamesnasian: didnt lie to u right
Irene: dear dear
Irene: please take care urself..
Irene: i dun wana lost u just like that
Jamesnasian: mwarhx~
Irene: are u going to be alright?
Irene: *worry*
Jamesnasian: your dear is a good boy
Jamesnasian: everyday eat medicine
Irene: dear~
Irene: its worse than breakup
Jamesnasian: what's worse than breakup
Irene: knwing that ur life is hanging on the sky
Jamesnasian: im alright with it
Jamesnasian: so u should also do so =D
Jamesnasian: <3
Jamesnasian: darl
Jamesnasian: must hold me tight k
Irene: i dun wana let u go..
Jamesnasian: darl
Jamesnasian: im not dying lar
Jamesnasian: >.<
Jamesnasian: darl really dai sek lar

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My beau

Jamesnasian: why darl don't reply jek
Jamesnasian: hmph~
Irene: let u missssssssssss me ma
Jamesnasian: really missing lor
Jamesnasian: i thought something happened to u tim
Jamesnasian: wanna report police jor
Irene: i saw dear's message, after read, i throw the phone into the drawer
Irene: i knw i will reply u
Irene: so i try hard to control myself
Jamesnasian: i thought my phone ada prob too
Jamesnasian: uuu~
Irene: dear dear guai guai
Irene: darl give u kisses.. muacccccccccccckkkkkkzzzzzz
Jamesnasian: to know darl's safe
Jamesnasian: everything also ok lar
Jamesnasian: quite worrying lor
Irene: worry me is a good thing to me
Jamesnasian: not good for me mar. make me sam lor lor
Jamesnasian: white hair also a few extra jor
Irene: i help u to pluck..
Jamesnasian: darl har..
Jamesnasian: yai yai
Jamesnasian: darl~
Jamesnasian: still very upset mar
Jamesnasian: >.<
Irene: mmmm..
Irene: very sad
Irene: disappointed
Jamesnasian: hmm~
Jamesnasian: u know your dear gan chiong his darl so much, feeling any better mar?
Irene: going to b ok soon
Irene: dear dun worry
Jamesnasian: *kisses on your forehead*
Jamesnasian: everything it's going to be alright
Jamesnasian: *bao bao*
Irene: *bao bao*
Irene: im proud to have u
Jamesnasian: hee
Jamesnasian: i love to have u,
Jamesnasian: loving every second of it
Irene: hehhehhe..
Irene: u r my...
Irene: my...
Irene: my...
Irene: my...
Irene: my...
Irene: pet!
Jamesnasian: warf~
Irene: good dog..
Jamesnasian: =(
Irene: kidding la dear
Irene: dun sad dun sad
Jamesnasian: not sad lar
Jamesnasian: leo ku has a song also ma
Jamesnasian: being a pet is better than being a lover
Jamesnasian: but i dont want lar
Jamesnasian: lover of course better
Jamesnasian: especially if the other half is
Jamesnasian: you =D
Irene: sweeeeetttt ..
Irene: dear y u oway poke me in fb
Jamesnasian: miss u lar
Jamesnasian: poke u lor
Irene: sure stalk me again
Jamesnasian: i wanna find a button that says, kisses arr
Jamesnasian: or hugs aa
Jamesnasian: but don't have ma
Irene: my dear cute cute..
Irene: dear i knw what is ur weakness le
Jamesnasian: what
Irene: ur weakness is ME
Jamesnasian: yer
Jamesnasian: so true
Jamesnasian: don't abuse my weakness
Jamesnasian: it drives me crazy
Irene: hehehe..
Irene: can torture u le
Irene: dear + darl = happiness
Jamesnasian: <3 that statement
Jamesnasian: *hug hug hug*
Irene: dun wan..
Irene: torture dear..
Jamesnasian: T.T
Jamesnasian: then i'll hug myself for now
Irene: ok!
Jamesnasian: waa
Jamesnasian: this "!" somemore
Irene: har
Irene: dear i saw ur neck gt *ka li gai*
Irene: hmm..
Irene: u go n yyyy with which girl ar?
Jamesnasian: waa
Jamesnasian: just now eating curry
Jamesnasian: was a bit careless ma
Irene: u tot im stupid ar
Irene: what kinda excuse is that?
Jamesnasian: but darl, i see your lips now got curry stain neh
Jamesnasian: horr
Irene: opps.. forget to wipe it
Jamesnasian: horr
Irene: tot that can rape u secretly
Irene: n find reason to angry u
Jamesnasian: yai yai
Jamesnasian: told u no need rape lor
Jamesnasian: im yours de ma
Jamesnasian: when you're ignoring me
Jamesnasian: drives me crazy
Jamesnasian: thinking whether u're well or not
Jamesnasian: drinking ur fav orange juice or not
Jamesnasian: or wearing black because u're moody
Irene: I am sorry..
Irene: no more ignoring you..
Irene: i love u..
Jamesnasian: im sure u do
Jamesnasian: that's why im loving u too
Irene: There are 4 steps to happy happiness, 1 you, 2 me, 3 our hearts 4 eternity!
Irene: want to study le
Jamesnasian: Okie
Jamesnasian: wait wait
Jamesnasian: darl
Jamesnasian: before that
Irene: ya
Jamesnasian: how are u feeling now
Jamesnasian: still upset ma?
Irene: im feeling better!
Jamesnasian: don't tire yourself
Jamesnasian: or starve yourself k
Jamesnasian: drink lots of fluids
Irene: Ok dear!
Jamesnasian: get lots of rest
Jamesnasian: love you darl
Jamesnasian: mwarhx
Irene: message me b4 u slp..
Jamesnasian: okie dokie

*When something makes me unhappy, you are there to make me happy.. Love it!!
p/s : start to study now..

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blossom Love..2

31/3/2010 (14.45) YM

Jamesnasian: darl darl~
Irene: dear dear~
Jamesnasian: hee,
Jamesnasian: dai sek geh darl~
Irene: miss me?
Jamesnasian: lots and lots
Irene: i dont miss u..
Irene: because i was sleeping
Irene: but once i wake up i c gt msg or not
Jamesnasian: got or not? =D
Jamesnasian: hehe
Irene: got..
Irene: because when u sms me, i ady fall aslp
Jamesnasian: hehe
Jamesnasian: it's okay geh
Jamesnasian: rested well?
Irene: ya..
Jamesnasian: wee
Jamesnasian: =)
Irene: now i very miss me dear dear
Irene: today got ppl kap dear dear or not
Jamesnasian: hehe, didnt notice
Jamesnasian: yer darl~
Jamesnasian: xin tong neh
Irene: y?
Jamesnasian: >.<
Jamesnasian: when i found out u didnt sleep well last night
Jamesnasian: almost half alive in the morning
Jamesnasian: while having breakfast
Jamesnasian: at Mc.D
Irene: sorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy dear.. I go n face the wall now ok?
Jamesnasian: waaaa
Jamesnasian: don't~
Jamesnasian: face comp better
Jamesnasian: let dear kieng gai with u
Jamesnasian: as punishment
Jamesnasian: <3
Irene: eeeeeeeeee.. i like this punishment
Jamesnasian: already missing u jor, still face the wall, don't face dear meh..
Jamesnasian: hee
Irene: den darl make dear worry ma..
Jamesnasian: >.<
Jamesnasian: heartbeat also became faster
Irene: sorrrrrrrrrryyyy dear..
Jamesnasian: didn't blame u also
Jamesnasian: how could i
Jamesnasian: before sleep jor
Jamesnasian: drink something warm
Jamesnasian: makes u feel easier to sleep geh
Irene: i wana call dear.. but dear ady slp..
Jamesnasian: >.<
Jamesnasian: mwarhx
Irene: muacks.. *kiss ur lips*
Jamesnasian: *kiss yours back*
Jamesnasian: aiyerrr
Jamesnasian: so dai sek
Jamesnasian: mwarhx~!!
Jamesnasian: hehe
Jamesnasian: darl
Jamesnasian: yesterday hor
Irene: yes..
Jamesnasian: when i talked about u to my friends that time
Jamesnasian: my friends saw my eyes glowed wor
Jamesnasian: then they say
Jamesnasian: waa, cham lar, you really really liked her, don't you? =D
Irene: waa.. cham lar.. u really really like me, dont u?
Irene: its ok
Irene: because i really really like you too
Jamesnasian: hehe
Jamesnasian: *hugs*
Irene: dear sorry today din wish u gud luck in ur exam.. when receive ur msg, im very happy..
Irene: but too tired to give u kisses ady
Jamesnasian: dear understand lar
Jamesnasian: sek sai lei~
Jamesnasian: mwarhx~!
Irene: y suddenly dear tok bout me de?
Jamesnasian: darl,
Jamesnasian: your dear neh, likes to share happy stuffs
Jamesnasian: so darl is one of the things that make your dear
Jamesnasian: must tell others too mar
Irene: dear cute cute..
Jamesnasian: shh~ to darl only
Irene: hehee.. sure..
Irene: keep that to myself..
Jamesnasian: mwarhx~
Irene: can i keep dear in my pocket..
Irene: dear too cute ady
Irene: dun wana let other c
Jamesnasian: dear is not the only one that's cute hor
Jamesnasian: darl is cuter
Jamesnasian: =3
Irene: dear want to sleep ady rite?
Jamesnasian: not anymore, got a sudden burst of charisma
Jamesnasian: after chatting with darl
Jamesnasian: wee, thanks sweetheart =D
Jamesnasian: hmph~
Jamesnasian: Want to lock u up in my heart
Jamesnasian: see where can u run
Irene: if u lock me in ur heart, den i cant kap zai ady lo?
Jamesnasian: my heart quite transparent geh
Irene: ok..den i stay in ur heart
Jamesnasian: so don't try to break it
Irene: quite secure n still can kap zai
Irene: will take care it carefully..
Irene: thats a place i called my home..
Jamesnasian: eyes are yours de, don't look, then how can, later langgar tiang neh
Irene: hehe when dear kap lui, i will punch u tru inside..
Irene: how fun
Jamesnasian: darl sweet <3
Jamesnasian: cute hor
Jamesnasian: why darl so creative
Jamesnasian: mwarhx~
Irene: in control of dear..
Jamesnasian: let you control ba
Jamesnasian: got darl then can le
Irene: darl got dear can le..
Jamesnasian: wanna sleep ma?
Irene: slp again a.. u tot im pig izit
Jamesnasian: i thought u gone thru 26 hours neh
Jamesnasian: think of it, the heart also will ache
Irene: so i gt like 26 hours miss u
Irene: which u cant do it
Jamesnasian: why darl so hero
Jamesnasian: i can de
Irene: cannot..
Jamesnasian: next time i'll do it beside u
Irene: because if u din sleep, i will definitely scold u like hell..
Irene: give u an order to sleep
Jamesnasian: waa
Jamesnasian: then, really lor, i cant
Jamesnasian: darl the cutest lar
Jamesnasian: dai sek dao~
Jamesnasian: *kisses gently*
Irene: sweet~
Irene: melt ady melt ady..
Jamesnasian: melted jor
Jamesnasian: dai sek lar
Jamesnasian: muahx
Irene: dear..i love u..
Jamesnasian: u too~
Jamesnasian: if im addicted to loving you~
Jamesnasian: and you're addicted to my love too~
Jamesnasian: so cute~
Jamesnasian:darl.i wanna study kao kao for the next hour plus
Jamesnasian: then later can yee yee yap yap with darl
Irene: sure..
Jamesnasian: shuang dao~
Irene: what time dear want to study
Irene: when dear study, i oso study la
Jamesnasian: hee, study now till dinner
Irene: dear going to study now rite?
Jamesnasian: yeah
Jamesnasian: okie?
Irene: okie!
Irene: dear message me when u r done
Jamesnasian: missing u already >.<
Jamesnasian: kk =D
Jamesnasian: sayang sayang
Irene: dun wana miss u Jamesnasian: =D
Irene: sayang u too..
Jamesnasian: mwarhx
Irene: i offline lo..
Jamesnasian: bye bye darl
Irene: love u dear..
Irene: bye..
Jamesnasian: sek sai darl, love u lots

*We are like a child.. We laughed,we joke and we love each other.. It doesn't matter what may come tomorrow.. We held each other tight and happily go through each day*
p/s: i screw my law paper today.. But luckily dear cheer me up.. still its sad! Have to work reli reli hard next time..

Monday, March 29, 2010

Blossom Love..

29/3 2010(1700) -Yahoo messenger

Jamesnasian: aiyak, forgot to ask u, did i accidentally wake darl up aa?
Irene: actuali yes..
Jamesnasian: aiyer, paiseh
Irene: because my lappie just beside me
Jamesnasian: so sorry har.
Irene: n u ym me..
Irene: so got sound..
Irene: never mind..
Irene: actuali quite sweet..
Jamesnasian: hee, missing u mar
Jamesnasian: mwarhx~! =D
Jamesnasian: one of the top reasons why i should date lawyers
Jamesnasian: you're such a sweetheart to be with
Jamesnasian: mwarthx
Irene: hahahah..
Irene: sweet♥♥♥
Jamesnasian: hee
Jamesnasian: sayang darl
Irene: i so misssssssssss u.....
Jamesnasian: bogoshipda =D
Jamesnasian: mwarhx~!
Jamesnasian: darl, dear study hard hard 1st,
Irene: okok..
Jamesnasian: study jor then focus all his energy thinking about u har
Jamesnasian: blek~
Irene: dear gambateh..
Jamesnasian: will be missing u lots~ =D
Irene: me too..
Irene: den darl now will miss u
Jamesnasian: darl too~! jia you for tmr k
Irene: den later is ur time..
Jamesnasian: heeee
Irene: i oso go n study with dear..
Jamesnasian: aiyerrr, u dai sek
Jamesnasian: mwarhx~!
Jamesnasian: u can really make me smile de lar
Jamesnasian: hee
Jamesnasian: sayang sayang
Irene: you make me smile without reason..
Irene: dear, together we go n study..
Jamesnasian: kk =D
Jamesnasian: xoxo

*Blog is a place to keep my secret..You are the blog in my heart..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Live for my dream..

Starting from this month, i will be fully concentrate on my studies.. No more distraction, no more love, no more fooling around.. Time to get back to the business.. This is the first time ever, i really want to do something good.. I saw the light of my future, and slowly i walk toward it.. I knoew i have to work very hard to get on.. Life is a game, live your life meaningfully.. Game will not be over as long as you know how to restart.. Click it, try it, and grasp on it..

James, i'm sorry as much as i love you.. You are my everything, but i couldn't let anything get in my way now.. I have to be rational.. Anyway, thanks god that i found you..

Dear all my friends, regarding to anything(especially LOVE) except education, i won't blah blah blah anymore.. If i off your phone straight away, dun blame it on me.. i've warned you..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's still hurt me,
It's hurt me as long as i care about this friendship.
I never know a friendship could inflict so much pain on me.
Did i care too much?
Did i demand too much?

You are a friend that everyone wish for,
A good listener;
A person to lean on;
A person to laugh with;

I treat you as best friend,
i told you everything,
everything of my life,
my shame history
Non-single of lie..

all you can remember is everything that have already happened.
You forget to ask "How are you now?
Not a call or even a sms.

You told me,
Different friends play different roles,
I told you,
There is just different types of friends.

The moment i said that,
I realize,
it's my fault,
I forget one thing,
Different perception between us,
For me, you are my best friend
For you, i'm your friend.
So basically,
it's like this >
You are my best friend, I'm your friend

That's make us different in treating each other.
Don't worry,
i will change my perception..
This time will be
You are my friend, I'm your friend
fair and square

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Undiscover the truth..

Sitting in front of the lappie, trying to figure out what should i do today.. Browsing around as usual.. Reading the news of an affair between football player.. Hmm, interesting.. Suddenly, a vibrate from my phone (For those who didn't know, my hp cacat ady..which is boo hoo TT) Well, never mind.. So it was a message.. Opened and read it.. Well it's nothing.. It's just a merely good morning and "kisses".. Arh.. Boring.. Will be another dull conversation.. Hmm.. Let's start something interesting, some thing that curious me for a long time..

" I have stg to ask u" " What is it?" "The time we be together, do you with some1 else" "No." "R u sure?" "Yes." "You will never know.." "what happened?" "Nothing happened except a liar try to lie" "Are you saying about me? I dont" "Who cares.. Don't ever get me started wit the msn" "What msn? What are you talking about?" "I love you x" "don't misunderstood, shes just my ex.. i don't love her.." "Arh..whatever.. All i want to know is yes or no" "Im sorry" "Alrite thats all"

Throwing the phone to the bed, damnation, why the feeling is so sulky.. Thought that everything going to be ok, thought that im not going to care.. But my goddamn tears are streaming down my cheek.. Lying on the bed, with the phone non-stop vibrating beside, i feel like want to throw it to the wall.. Thanks god, i still rational enough.. Ignore all the messages, the call and the face that i come to miss.. Cover myself with the blanket, screaming in the pillow.. Its the scream of anguish, its the scream of devastating.. Surprisingly enough, i still able to hear the sound of the broken heart.. Unfaithful.. Unfaithful.. Unfaithful.. And i dozed off minutes later..

Woke up, with 40 calls 16 messages.. 37 is from him and 3 is from my friend.. Feel so not in mood to talk.. Feel like a creepy zombie with a shallow eyes.. Call back my friend and ask her reason of calling me.. She said to me ur ex look like someone.. Goddamn it! Why cant i just get rid of him.. "LOok like who?" "XXX from XXX" Well, that time i was not interested he looks like who, i just want to off the phone and caged myself.. Luckily enough, my friend say she is busy now.. Sigh of relief..

7stg still browsing around in the internet.. want to talk with someone but couldn't find anymore.. I'm not boring.. it's just that my empty heart make the life become dull.. The impregnable will try to withstand my vulnerable heart.. Finally i come to a place where i'm defeated..