Monday, April 12, 2010

Unheralded stories..

Jamesnasian: u busy now?
Irene: no wor
Irene: y?
Jamesnasian: im going to tell u a story bout me
Irene: rite here listen
Jamesnasian: maybe it'll explain more about how i behave
Irene: ok..
Jamesnasian: this story starts when i was in form 2
Irene: alrite
Jamesnasian: so after form 1
Jamesnasian: after a year in england where my dad further his studies there
Jamesnasian: i came back
Jamesnasian: so, i did a blood test
Jamesnasian: found out that a few of my enzymes in my blood are abnormally high
Jamesnasian: i was put on some pills
Jamesnasian: to reduce them
Irene: ok..
Irene: then
Jamesnasian: found out that i was having this heredity disease
Jamesnasian: darl, u there?
Jamesnasian: anyway, so i was diagnosed with this disease called
Jamesnasian: Wilson's Disease
Irene: whats dat?
Jamesnasian: it's a condition where your liver cannot excrete copper from food
Jamesnasian: so my liver isn't healthy
Jamesnasian: and the result of the excess copper
Jamesnasian: is like, staining my teeth
Jamesnasian: and worse to come
Jamesnasian: so, i went to UMSC
Jamesnasian: some hospital to get treated
Jamesnasian: i was put on this new drug
Irene: TT
Jamesnasian: that most of the people in the country diagnosed with this disease were on
Irene: den
Jamesnasian: so
Jamesnasian: ok, i took it
Jamesnasian: but i was having immediate reactions
Jamesnasian: allergic reactions
Jamesnasian: high fever
Jamesnasian: that's when my body started to turn yellow
Jamesnasian: i was having jaundice
Jamesnasian: a condition where your liver gets inflammed
Jamesnasian: and my liver was inflammed
Irene: omg!!
Jamesnasian: it grew and expanded to twice the normal size
Jamesnasian: so i was sent to the UMSC immediately
Jamesnasian: and by that time
Jamesnasian: my whole body was yellow
Jamesnasian: i was yellow for 2 weeks
Jamesnasian: apparently
Jamesnasian: i was on too much drugs
Jamesnasian: my liver can't take it
Jamesnasian: and i got 'drug abuse'
Jamesnasian: and that point
Jamesnasian: thru mri scanning
Jamesnasian: that my liver was having cirorhsis
Jamesnasian: liver hardening
Jamesnasian: a condition that
Jamesnasian: equivalent
Jamesnasian: to an acholic for 20 years
Jamesnasian: my liver was almost to the point of failing
Jamesnasian: i was nearly going to die
Irene: TT
Jamesnasian: so we travelled on train to singapore
Jamesnasian: to find a drug
Jamesnasian: But
Jamesnasian: they said that this drug
Jamesnasian: only available if u booked it from america
Jamesnasian: so, we went back to malaysia
Jamesnasian: and found out the selayang hospital provides it for free
Jamesnasian: i have to avoid high copper content food
Jamesnasian: such as
Jamesnasian: chocolate, mushroom, nuts, shellfish
Jamesnasian: like oysters and such
Jamesnasian: it has been so long since i had them in my mouth
Jamesnasian: this story
Jamesnasian: i only tell those who i really care
Jamesnasian: like you
Jamesnasian: this disease is 10 in 3million people
Jamesnasian: malaysia itself only has a handful
Jamesnasian: and i am one of them
Jamesnasian: so u said, i am optimistic/\
Jamesnasian: right, because i, gone thru life-death experience once
Jamesnasian: and i was recently that, my liver could fail any moment
Jamesnasian: something like, i can't see the next day when i wake up the next morning
Jamesnasian: so, how couldn't i not be optimistic
Jamesnasian: im hoping for the best in life
Irene: TT
Irene: this disease can cure or not?
Jamesnasian: it's a life long disease
Jamesnasian: so why u say i like pastel
Jamesnasian: because it seems so perfect
Jamesnasian: and i wanna have something like this
Jamesnasian: a typical boy-girl relationship
Jamesnasian: so darl, if u do find a better guy
Jamesnasian: get him =D
Jamesnasian: i might not last long enough to do so anyway
Irene: dear..
Irene: i love u..
Irene: i reli do..
Irene: but im not the girl that u want..
Irene: dear.. i dun wana b selfish anymore..
Irene: u can go
Irene: i let u go
Irene: find a girl that is better..
Jamesnasian: have u found a better one?
Irene: no..
Irene: u r the best
Jamesnasian: then, don't let go just yet
Irene: dear..
Irene: we will not last long..
Irene: one of us will leave 1 day
Irene: i have my own problem in relationship
Irene: im not hurting u..
Irene: like i say i prioritize studies better than relationship
Irene: if at 1 point, i was in a great pressure..
Irene: i will breakup with u
Jamesnasian: understood
Jamesnasian: silly darl
Jamesnasian: mwarxh~
Irene: i love u dear~~~~
Irene: thanks for telling me..
Irene: u r right to be optimistic..
Jamesnasian: feels so much better after telling u that
Irene: thats y that day u say u dun eat chocolate..
Jamesnasian: en~!
Jamesnasian: didnt lie to u right
Irene: dear dear
Irene: please take care urself..
Irene: i dun wana lost u just like that
Jamesnasian: mwarhx~
Irene: are u going to be alright?
Irene: *worry*
Jamesnasian: your dear is a good boy
Jamesnasian: everyday eat medicine
Irene: dear~
Irene: its worse than breakup
Jamesnasian: what's worse than breakup
Irene: knwing that ur life is hanging on the sky
Jamesnasian: im alright with it
Jamesnasian: so u should also do so =D
Jamesnasian: <3
Jamesnasian: darl
Jamesnasian: must hold me tight k
Irene: i dun wana let u go..
Jamesnasian: darl
Jamesnasian: im not dying lar
Jamesnasian: >.<
Jamesnasian: darl really dai sek lar

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